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Create a Profile

Profile creation directions

  1. Create Profile by clicking 'Add New Player' at right and following all steps until confirmation page
  2. Copy the layout container below by clicking on 'Copy' in the gray layout container box
  3. Edit the layout container name to match the player's and change all fields in the page element to match the player's name and the header will appear.
  4. Change Twitter widget, etc. to match the player's bio, stats, etc.
  5. Move layout container by clicking 'Move' in gray box to the page (Men's A-Z, Women's A-Z, Sled, Staff) that matches the player in question.
  6. Once on that page, click 'Mirror' in the gray layout container box to add to your mirrors for placement on roster pages.

Links & Downloads

Right click and save the "Headshot Template" link to your desktop for easy headshot sizing and cropping.